EnvironmentGovernments and organisations around the world are struggling to work out a a strategy for how to implement policies with a concrete effect on the natural environment. It is increasingly understood that top-down policy decisions will have limited impact. At the same time, although people display a high willingness to pay for realizing a better environment, actual market behaviour in many cases result in minor improvements, lowering incentives for industry to invest in green technologies.

In order to realise tangible effects, new policy initiatives need to be complemented with schemes that allow for awareness creation among the general public and entrusted schemes though which actions can clearly be taken and lead to concrete results. In this area, LearnforLife programmes are developed to foster “green behaviour” by citizens. Work in this area is still in the development phase. Promising contacts and collaboration have been established with a range of potential long-term partners. Particular emphasis is currently placed on a programme for restoring damaged ecosystems, and greening the planet. In this effort, LearnforLife forms part of a wider consortium that is preparing for a concrete proposal for Rio+20.

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