ConceptSo far, experience worldwide has proven it difficult to alter the detrimental day-to-day behaviours that lay behind many of the major societal challenges of our time, with regard to problems in health, safety, the environment, and so forth. There is evidence that traditional campaigns based on "do this" or “do not do that” almost never work. On the other hand, behavioural research demonstrates there are certain methods and experiences which do enable people to change.

Further, with the diffusion of mobile telephony, which is now available throughout the population in most countries, and expanding by the day, it is possible to reach out with new messages and create new dynamics to rectify the situation.

The key concept and fundamental methodology behind LearnforLife® draws on research in several areas, including behavioural, social and management studies, as well as the development of the appropriate communication and information tools.

LearnforLife focuses on empowering individuals to induce self-reinforced e-learning processes and specially designed e-packages. A network of collaborating actors has contributed to the development work and to paving the way for implementation.

Project activities are designed throughout with a strong accompanying evaluation component, so as to enable effective comparative evaluations, laying the basis for gradual fine-tuning. Studies are made to examine options for improving specific aspects of behavioural adjustment, to enable continuous learning on how the scheme can be upgraded by adding new services.

The LearnforLife® programmes offer a unique potential to enact change. They can be devised on a region- or nation-wide level, as well as target special social groups, and be applied in response to particular societal disorders. By building upon and integrating multiple strands of research, as well as the experience of previous programmes and pilots, they incorporate our present-day understanding of what works and what does not work by way of motivating and inspiring behavioural change. The approach breaks new ground, as it differs in fundamental respects from previously efforts and campaigns in this area, and also in the way that it combines multiple lessons and instruments.


The LearnforLife programmes are practical and simple, yet sophisticated and precise. Interactive messaging via mobile phone is applied in a systematic manner. The programmes are not intrusive to individuals, but operate on their terms. The method introduces a sequence of tailored incentives. It is highly cost effective and can generate huge societal benefits.

The LearnforLife interventions make intensive use of a core element of interactive communication tools, first and foremost enacted via mobile phones. As a basis for this key strategic function, the LearnforLife Technical Platform has been developed in partnership with state-of-the art technology providers, which attain leadership in world market shares in relevant technologies.

The implementation scheme is closely integrated with a systematic research package which generates unique data and insights to support fine-tuning of each activity. The entire set-up is organized to foster innovation for continuously improved design and implementation of programmes.

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